About Us

Our company’s technology has been around for more than (20) twenty years, and Infinite Water, Inc. is the end result of the evolution of that technology. The founders have been involved and participated with the technology and its development as the leading engineering group for this technology from the beginning of the refrigeration based units to Thermoelectric Technology now ready for release into the world market. Infinite Water Inc’s. patented technology is as advanced as current science and technology allows.

Infinite Water Inc. has continued to create competitive advances with our technology and products through their well developed patents.  Competitive Atmospheric Water Generators (AWG) that are currently on the market are designed from out-dated refrigerant, gas based technology. We have developed a GREENER technology that has a wider base of use in the global climate using thermoelectric dehumidification technology. Infinite Water is made up of the original engineering team for AWG technology (compressor based) and has continued to advance the technology and have developed sophisticated proprietary software programs that are key to reliability and operation.

Our long history and position as the leader and innovators of this emerging technology, and the release  of our new technology into the global market, make us the best available technology as a economical first choice and has a wide basis of applications and environments we can employ it.

Infinite Water Inc. has been established to provide a technical financial entity that can deliver pure affordable drinking water, throughout the world, using our  patented Thermoelectric Atmospheric Water Generator technology, that is applicable to the widest range of potable water markets. AWG’s operate on the principle of extracting water vapor from the air (dehumidification) and then filtering the water to make it pure and clean for human consumption. The company’s principle product is its thermoelectric dehumidification engine; an advanced (Peltier) based water condensing technology that eliminates the need for refrigerant based compressor technology. Operaitng more efficiently than a standard dehumidifier that uses a refrigerant based compressor, our technology replaces it more effectively to create better products that are aimed at the consumer water consumption market. Our products work well in markets with all levels of humidity in moderate temperate zones, including indoor environments.

Our business focuses on the introduction of the thermoelectric dehumidification engine and its placement in a consumer water cooler product and subsequent introduction of higher output commercial units into the United States and international markets.  Our product(s) use a patented technology that makes pure drinking water at  low cost and in a GREEN, eco-friendly manner. Our AWG technology provides pure, great-tasting drinking water at a price level and carbon footprint much lower than bottled water or competitive AWG technologies. The principle Engine (AWG) will be manufactured and assembled in the United States at our facility, allowing us to provide a higher standard of quality for the core technology and customer service while creating US based jobs, rather than using foreign based manufacturing competitors and exporting American know-how and leading edge technology. Educating our customers is the best way to show the world an economical reliable clean and secure personally managed water system . We show them why they need our products and how those same products will help solve their water problems throughout the world.

Infinite Water products enable consumers to personally manage and secure their drinking water system and produce pure drinking water in their homes, without the need for storing or lifting heavy bottled water containers from water delivery services and at a lower cost. In fact, the more water you drink, the lower the cost of the water compared to bottled water delivery cost per gallon. Also our products can never leak or release refrigerant gas into the atmosphere. Infinite Water products are solid state, as a result they are very shock resistant, durable and reliable. This makes them more suitable for applications such mobile, marine or military applications where shock or stress can be delivered to the AWG . Infinite Water continues to develop newer, more efficient forms of AWG technology to further protect its market share and increase its products reach into different markets.

The competitive edge of Infinite Water is in our leading edge technology  that transfers into product features, economic benefits, market controlling patents and strategic partnerships. We market our technology and products by educating our customers so they know that we are a company that carries affordable products that solve fresh water needs while eliminating the need for heavy water bottles,  expensive delivery services or larger carbon foot prints. Our Consumer Leasing Programs create a low-cost entry for consumers to acquire one of our AWG’s.