Bottled Water: Not the Answer

With the increase in gas prices, teamed with higher grocery expenses, and inflation overall, who can afford to pay EXTRA for WATER? The high cost of bottled water & water delivery services is a nuisance. The pollution caused by plastic water bottles has become a major threat to our environment.

These bottles are non biodegradable and account for a notable percentage of landfill space.  More people dispose of these plastic bottle  containers in the trash rather than recycle.

Instead, they are swallowing landfill space, increasing air pollution and destroying the ozone layer.   The environmental impact is detrimental.  The bottles also present significant air pollution concerns as many are incinerated with regular trash. Anyone who has seen a plastic bottle melt knows of the toxic smoke and fumes it can create. These fumes not only pose health risks, they create “green house gases” that attack the ozone layer.