Personally Managed Water Systems

Infinite Water generating machines use technology (developed and patented by Infinite Water, Inc.) that extracts pure drinking water from the air.

We can no longer waste a resource that is non-replaceable. Fresh water has been taken for granted for much too long, without any measures to replace it.

It is becoming clear that new technologies are needed for existance in every segment of the water industry.




Food processing

Public water supplies

Personally Managed Water Systems 

These systems must be environmentally friendly and rely on methods and processes that are not chemically based.

Old technology (cooling refrigerant)

Many atmospheric water generators operate in a manner very similar to that of a dehumidifier. Air is passed over a cooled coil, causing water to condense. The rate of water production depends on the ambient temperature, humidity, the volume of air passing over the coil, and the machine’s capacity to cool the coil. These systems reduce air temperature, which in turn reduces the air’s capacity to carry water vapor. This is the most common technology.

In a cooling condensation type atmospheric water generator, a compressor circulates refrigerant through a condenser and then an evaporator coil which cools the air surrounding it. This lowers the air temperature to its dew point, causing water to condense. A controlled speed fan pushes filtered air over the coil. The resulting water is then passed into a holding tank with a purification and filtration system to keep the water pure.

The rate at which water can be produced depends on relative humidity and ambient air temperature and the size of the compressor. Atmospheric water generators become more effective as relative humidity and air temperature increase. As a rule of thumb, cooling condensation water generation depends on the capacity of the machine, local humidity and temperature conditions and the cost to power the unit.

New technology

 Infinite Water, Inc. has developed and patented the apex of ‘air from water’ technology; Thermo Electric Atmospheric Water Generators (AWG), a low cost and energy efficient method of producing safe drinking water of the highest purity from ambient air.

Major leaps forward are the improvements which toss aside the heavy energy inefficient compressor and bid farewell to refrigerants, which have always had a bad environmental impact.