Leasing made easy

There are a whole host of benefits to be had with a hassle free Atmospheric Water Generator plan from Infinite Water. We provide the best service with the greatest ease.

Lease agreements require a simple contract and credit application. You can apply online, using our convenient online forms or we will email or fax you the forms at your convenience. After a simple and easy process, we can deliver your Atmospheric Water Generator coolers directly to your address. The terms are easy and the prices are very competitive. Service is always personalized to accommodate each individual or company.

Lease a Personally Managed Water System, from Infinite Water, for only $40 per month, inclusive of filters, for two years.

Taking over existing water cooler contracts

Every day we have customers that approach us because they are tired of paying too much for drinking water. The most common complaints are bulky heavy bottles, storage and the high price.

Tell us about it, and together we will find a solution in terms of taking your contract over. Then you will also be able to enjoy Infinite Water’s unbeatable purity, security and low cost.

The benefits


  • Makes an average of 3 gallons per day, and up to 5 gallons per day
  • Provides a continuous supply of daily, fresh, drinking water from the air
  • Eliminate the need to lift heavy bottles on & off the machine
  • No inconvenience, get rid of those delivery headaches
  • No need to have required storage for empty or full bottles
  • Energy Efficient
  • Much less costly than bottled water services
  • Cost savings = gallon of water as low as $.16 a gallon
  • No difficult plumbing or assembly
  • No minimum water bills and easy to install.
  • Just plug it in anywhere there is an electrical outlet
  • Purified with OZONE and multiple filters
  • Fresh drinking water, passes US and European water quality standards
  • Patented pure water generation without compressors or coolants
  • Produces more water in varied conditions than other air to water devices
  • Tested for appliance safety so you’re confident this is a safe appliance to use
  • Eliminates need for bottled water
  • Reduce your carbon footprint and the environmental impact of water delivery by 50% and save up to 75% per gallon in water costs
  • LCD Display shows temperature and tank level
  • Tells you what conditions machine is operating in and how much water is available
  • Computerized sensors monitor components
  • Tells you when and where a component may need maintenance and when the air or carbon filter needs replacement
  • Machine self-regulates with automatic shut off below 30% Relative Humidity and 60F (30%/15.5 degrees Celsius) ensures optimal efficiency and protects machine

The difference

If you have ever worked with a home or office water cooler, you know how the cost of bottled water can rise unexpectedly. With an AWG from Infinite Water you won’t have to worry about an increase in prices, or maintenance bills. Infinite  Water’s AWG needs only a filter change once every year to keep it in optimal operating condition.

Infinite Water’s Atmospheric Water Generator requires no plumbing or water hookups, just plug it into the wall and it will produce gallons of pure water. No other system on earth can create clean drinking water with just the push of a button. Imagine having clean, cold, unlimited drinking water for your home or office without the cost of paying a monthly water bill.

AWG rental at an affordable price with a service that’s second to none

Infinite Water prides itself in offering you the best machines available, we don’t produce cheap imports that tend to break down. Instead, we focus on  performance, efficiency and reliability.

After all, you need never worry again about water deliveries and maintenance. You pay a fixed monthly amount and generate all the water you want .

Something wrong with the AWG? We’ll get you a replacement AWG within 48 hours.

Beyond the delicious drinking water, and the low cost to maintain this water from air system, Infinite Water has the price you will love. So if you have been considering leasing a water cooler for your home or office, or you have one but are just tired of the wasted energy, time and money, consider all of the benefits you gain with an Infinite Water Atmospheric Water Generator; a personally managed water system that is as good & safe as water gets, a system that provides you with pure water from the air.